This is more than a subscription. This is a movement.

Over 24.9 million people are being trafficked globally right now. 75% are women and girls. The fastest growing criminal industry worldwide, trafficking brings in $150 billion per year through its system of exploitation and abuse. Trafficking comes in many different forms, and it’s likely far closer to home than you realize. Every person deserves to have freedom and be treated with respect. We stand against human trafficking, and every day we’re working to fight it. Here’s how:


 All our products are from companies that employ survivors of trafficking and at-risk individuals. Fair employment and vocational training is essential to providing the tools employees can use to escape the trafficking industry and break the cycle of generational slavery, as well as allowing for greater economic independence and empowerment. 


We give 100% back. All our profits are donated to organizations that help fight human trafficking through rescue and restoration of survivors and by raising awareness about trafficking. 


We help you live more ethically. We curate the best ethical products for you and we hope you’ll come to love these brands as much as we do.

Human trafficking needs to end. This is how we choose to contribute to the movement. Come join us.

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