These autumn surprises are sure to leaf a smile on your face!

Sewing New Futures Tea Towel

Spend the chilly fall weather with a steaming cup of tea and this gorgeous tea towel. Coming in a variety of beautiful patterns, it's the perfect touch to an evening of entertaining or a quiet night in.

Each towel is handcrafted by women in northern India who have survived or are at risk for trafficking - many of these women have been sold into the sex trafficking industry since puberty to provide for their families. Sewing New Futures provides these women with medical care, education, and career training to help them gain independence and dignity, not only to live safely, but also to pursue their passions.

Purpose Jewelry Emi Choker

Looking for a subtle piece you can wear with every outfit? Look no farther than this dainty lilac choker from Purpose Jewelry! Versatile enough to be dressed up or down and both feminine and trendy, this is the one piece you'll be wearing everywhere.

Purpose Jewelry is a project of International Sanctuary, a nonprofit that provides education, healthcare, and counseling to survivors of human trafficking. For 10 years, Purpose has been teaching survivors to make jewelry, take inventory, package and process products, and more, providing them with fair wage and employable skills for the future.

JOYN Bags Clutch

Cute and versatile, these clutches from Joyn Bags have us in love! They're perfect for a day out and complement any outfit with their vibrant, block-printed hues. And, they're made out of 100% vegan leather!

This bag was made in Rajpur, where JOYN works with a diverse group of artisans to mix colors and block print the fabric. Many of these artisans came from vulnerable situations or marginalized communities; JOYN's mission is to support local leadership among trafficked communities by providing medical care, vocational training, counseling, and more to their makers. On their website, you can learn more about each of the artisans who they employ!

Thistle Farms Essential Oil Roller

Fall is a magical season, but it can also be stressful! That's where this essential oil roller from Thistle Farms comes in! This fragrant blend of jojoba, sweet orange, and cedarwood bark (among other ingredients) is carefully mixed to soothe and nurture you. And, the convenient roller makes it easy for you to bring it around anytime you need to relax.

Thistle Farms is a Nashville based organization that provides shelter and support to women who have escaped trafficking, addiction, and prostitution. They are given housing, healthcare, therapy, and education without judgement, then the opportunity to learn a job and earn a living wage for themselves. Their mantra, "Love Heals" has guided them to provide 1,300 survivors with jobs just in the last year.

Rethreaded Coffee

Fuel the fall with this sustainably grown, medium roast from Rethreaded! Bold with floral tones, it's the perfect cup to wake up to in the morning- you can almost smell the fresh beans now!

This coffee was grown in Rwanda by at-risk women who have survived the Rwandan genocide, and provides them with fair employment in one of the most exploitative industries in the world. Then, it's roasted by locals who have been rescued from homelessness and sold by survivors of sex trafficking. This is truly a product that helps people live with dignity at every step of the way.

Eternal Threads Red Thread Bracelet

The Red Thread Movement was started by Eternal Threads to raise awareness about the human trafficking industry- it's a simple but effective way to show that you are against trafficking everywhere that you go. It's also a great way to spark conversation and interest in the fight against trafficking.

Eternal Threads employs women in Nepal who have survived the trafficking industry, and their proceeds help fund a safe house within Nepal to rescue and provide a location for these women to heal and regain their dignity. They aim to give their artisans a chance to work safely, earn fair wages, and provide for their children, all while allowing them to create beautiful products rooted in their cultural heritage.

SHE Rescue Home Organized Chaos Bag

Got some chaos that needs organizing? Yep, we've all been there. That's why we love this versatile, waterproof, carry-all bag from She Rescue Home! It's perfect to keep your goods dry at the beach, separate your wet items on the plane, and more! Throw all your loose items inside to keep them nice and organized!

SHE Rescue Home is a safe shelter for women in Cambodia who have survived or at-risk for rape, prostitution, and trafficking.   They work closely and personally with each and every girl in their care, providing care, fair wages, and a community of support and love. This amazing organization aims to make each girl feel whole after being in tragic situations, then to reintegrate them safely in their communities.

Apple Rose Travel Pack

We love organic skincare! And this pack  from Apple Rose Beauty comes with three different skincare items, all fresh, organic, and nourishing for your skin! You'll get a cleanser, moisturizer, and vitamin C serum in a travel pack that you can easily throw into your purse on the go!

Apple Rose supports the rescue and rehabilitation of survivors, and provides them with fair employment. Their mission is to raise awareness and build up and celebrate the beauty in everyone.