Spring 2019 Reveal

Put a little spring in your step with this blooming box of surprises!

Piranda Shoulder Bag

Looking for a new bag to kick off spring? Look no further than this cute and cheerful shoulder bag! It's roomy enough to carry everything you need and versatile enough to match any spring outfit. Decked out in spring colors and a beautiful jacquard trim detail, this is the bag you'll want to be carrying around all season and beyond! 

There is a long history of discrimination against the Roma people. Scapegoated and persecuted, it's difficult even today for Roma people to find jobs and homes where they feel safe. The Piranda team noticed that many Roma women were forced into begging or prostitution just to support their families. Driven by the belief that everyone is worthy of dignity, Piranda teaches these women employable skills and gives them a fair and safe workplace, allowing them to recapture hope and dignity for themselves and their children. The profits are used by Piranda to empower more women, plus through your bag, Piranda will also be able to donate a school bag to a child in need in Romania!

Sewing New Futures Scrunchie Set

These scrunchies are the perfect hair accessory: cute, unique, and practical, you'll want these on hand to throw up your hair quickly and easily. Add the perfect pop of color this spring!

Sewing New Futures works directly within a community near New Delhi to empower women and girls who are at-risk for sex trafficking and child marriage, turning them into artists and artisans who are able to follow their passions. This community has a low caste status, which means that many families have to marry off their daughters at a young age and, once married, these girls will be forced into sex work to support their families. Sewing New Futures intercedes for these girls, convincing families not to marry off their daughters, providing education, medical care, and social services to help them take control of their futures. 

Badala Cheese Knife

Dreaming about creamy mozzarella and crispy crackers? Yeah, us too. That's why we included this beautiful, hand-carved, olive wood cheese knife, aka the perfect accent to your entertaining plans or picnic cheese boards.

This knife was made in Kenya, where Badala works to give opportunities to women forced into prostitution to feed their families. With opportunities and fair work, these women are empowered to change their own situations and regain control of their lives. Badala also works domestically with sex-trafficking survivors to give survivors opportunities every step of the way. And, the materials that they use are locally sourced!

Level Ground Trading Dried Mango

Sweet and ripe, dried mango makes the perfect succulent snack! Even better, the mangoes are free of sulphites, preservatives, and added sugars, making them a healthy snack you can feel good about eating!

Sourced by Level Ground by a Colombian company called Fruandes, this mango is grown by farmers who are empowered and encouraged to take more control in the process. Many small-scale farmers are cheated by large companies that deny them fair prices, but more than 90% of Fruandes farmers have said that their work conditions have improved. We especially love their focus on employing women, who are often marginalized in this industry and have a harder time getting fair wages.

Made for More Necklace

This gorgeous and timeless bar necklace is the piece you need this season! Inscribed with the message "stay gold," it's a perfect reminder of the beauty you have inside of you and your worth.

Made for More is owned and run by a survivor of trafficking who learned the art of jewelry stamping and began her own business to create the life she wanted. We are inspired by her creativity and resilience and excited to include this beautiful piece in this season's box. She hopes to employ more survivors and spread the power of creativity and entrepreneurship to others looking for opportunities.

Sparrow House Botanicals Lavender Soap

Does anything scream spring like the smell of flowers? This fragrant and creamy lavender soap will have you bringing the light scent of spring everywhere you go! Made from natural, organic, and ethically sourced materials, this soap is gentle and good for your skin.

When survivors leave trafficking, they are often faced with stigma and difficulty finding fair work. Sparrow House's work allows the survivors they work with to get the chance to build up a resume and job experience, making them more likely to find future jobs. They also get the opportunity to  make products they can be proud of and get a good wage for. Opportunities like these can be life-changing and give survivors the tools they need to build the life they want.

WAR Chest Boutique Tea Holder

This adorable tea bag holder is not only cute, but it's also the perfect tool to hold your tea bag in place and distinguish your cup from a friend or family member's. Such a colorful reminder of the new life spring brings!

Women At Risk (WAR) International works worldwide to empower and protect at-risk individuals from exploitation. Through their work, they are able to provide a safe haven for survivors while giving them an opportunity to learn skills that they can use in the future. These survivors are also given medical care, child care, and vocational scholarships, making the programs they run more comprehensive.