Summer 2019 Reveal

Goodies to help you shell-abrate the sea-sun!

Mercy House Global Card Set

We know we've got lots to be grateful for this summer: the sun, pooltime, and roadtrips with family and friends. And there's no better way to show your gratitude to someone than through this beautiful card set from Mercy House that includes 10 cards and 10 envelopes! The pretty blue hues and meaningful message are sure to show the depth of your gratitude.

These beautiful cards were created from artwork made by teenage moms in Kenya who were rescued through Mercy House's residency programs. Currently, they have two maternity homes run by local Kenyans that houses pregnant girls and new mothers, providing them with prenatal care, counseling, education, and a safe place to live. Through their programs, young mothers are also given the opportunity and tools to establish and run their own small businesses, so they can be self-sufficient. With 13,000 Kenyan girls kicked out of school for pregnancy and 21,000 women hospitalized from unsafe backstreet abortions every year, Mercy House's homes are so valuable for providing survivors a safe place to recover and grow.

Handwoven with Love Turkish Towel

Need a slim travel towel? How about a cover-up for the beach? A cute picnic blanket? Yep, this towel's got all that covered! Woven in Turkey from 100% cotton, it's not only light and easy to carry, but it's also super absorbent and fast-drying. This towel is an absolute necessity for summer adventures!

Handwoven with Love supports and empowers artisans all over the world who have survived trafficking or abuse, empowering them to create businesses and craftsmanship they can be proud of. By promoting the education, training, and financial stability of survivors, Handwoven with Love has supported underprivileged women globally. Throughout their work, they support traditional weaving techniques and never use harsh dyes or chemicals, making this product more eco-friendly as well! 

Thistle Farms Shave Gel

Ah, 'tis the season for shave gel. And while some gels and creams make that a total pain, this one's a treat to use! A natural blend of lavender, eucalyptus, and aloe vera (among other ingredients) this fragrant blend gives you a smooth, irritation-free shave that will make you feel summer-ready in no time!

Thistle Farms is a comprehensive recovery program that helps survivors of trafficking, addiction, and prostitution heal and empower themselves. By giving survivors a safe home, medical care, education, and skills training, this organization has been able to offer more than 9,000 nights of safe housing for recovering women, along with 1.5 million in income for survivors in the last year alone, using the extensive training that they get to manufacture, manage, and pack products like this one. 

Nica Life Education Bracelet

How beautiful and summery is this casual bracelet from Nica LIfe? With a trendy golden tag and coated thread, this bracelet was made to last through all your summer adventures and memories! Take it to the beach, stack it with other bracelets, or wear it as an anklet- the possibilities are endless.

Nica Life is based in Nicaragua and provides local artisans with work that can keep them out of the coffee fields, where they are often underpaid. Not only do they get fair work and time with their families, but they also get the opportunity to engage with their community on issues they are passionate about, such as elderly care, mentorship for at-risk girls, or education. 50% of the profits from this bracelet go to support education programs in Nicaragua as well! Your bracelet is also signed by the artisan who made it, and you can read about all of the artisans by name online.

Meridian Lee Passport Cover

Providing a sleek and protective finish to your passport, this passport cover is a must have when traveling. It's a wonderful way to keep your passport discreet and safe from water and dust, and can even be used for notepads, business cards, tickets, and much more throughout your day to day life!

Meridian Lee collaborates with female entrepreneurs who have survived trafficking and run small businesses of their own. By working with their partners in small workshops, they are able to create lasting friendships and ensure sustainability and ethics throughout their entire supply chain, making a lasting impact on these artisans and their communities. Every step from fabric sourcing to product design to shipping is crafted with sustainability in mind!

Timea's Market Bath Champagne

Who says grown-ups can't have bubble baths? This luxurious, ahh-mazing smelling bath champagne leaves your skin super smooth and is an exciting package of fizzing, sparkling delight! Just sprinkle it in some water for a bath or foot soak, sit back, and enjoy!

Timea's Market is a project of Timea's Cause, an organization created by a survivor of trafficking to fund victim care across the US and Canada. Through their market, they have already employed and empowered a small group of young survivors in Canada, and they're just getting started! They hope to be able to expand into a full-time employment center for their girls soon through their beautiful and carefully made bath products.